Mother’s Day craft

I know it’s pretty late for this subject, but we would never run out of Mother’s Day, wouln’t we?

This idea is from Fabie’s blog. I had my 6 graders to do this Mother’s Day craft in class. We were learning the daily routins such as making the bed, doing homework and brushing the teeth…etc. Like I said before I don’t rely on kids bringing the material for crafts, so I do the preparation myself. To make things easier, I gave them used CDs to trace two round shapes in the class. Each student has half A4 sized paper and they can easily make 4 separate flower slips by folding the paper twice.

I had my kids do all these basic patterns and writing in class within 40 minutes. It’s easy, quick and you get to see how the kids develop their ideas. They would finish the rest of the craft back home.

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