Punished for being professional?

So I heard that our school intends to stop the 2nd graders’ English class from the next semester. I couldn’t agree with this more.

I mean, what do you expect from these 2nd graders, who happens to be the beginners of almost everything, to learn a foreign language in a 40 minutes-a-week base? Then I heard that the administration intends to assign other subjects for us to teach to "fill in the gap", which accounts for 3 sessions.

Talk about being FAIR!! I wonder if THEY HAVE EVER CONSIDER BEING FAIR when they shovel 24 sessions a week to me in all these years?

Some veteran teacher said, "那怎麼辦嘛? 你們這樣的師資就是這麼的高的不可替代性啊!"

What? Am I being punished for being professional? What kind of logic is that? Where else in the world can you run a corporate like this? Where else in the world can you ABUSE the professionals without facing any consequences like this?

Yes, only here in the elementary campus, where professionals are less valued than connections and backgrounds.

I don’t want to be cynical but it looks like the campus culture has a lot to improve here.



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