A gifted child

Am I an angry teacher? That’s an yes sometimes when teaching 6 graders’ English. However, I can’t deny that there are times I do not understand the kids. Time is a luxury when you have only 10 min recess to do individual tutoring other than the already tight schedule. I do want to understand them, individually, if possible. While some kids can be very disruptive, some are smarter than the others. "They  learn differently", according to the author of Smart kids and their teachers.  

“You probably have a gifted child in your classroom,” Isaacson and Fisher say, if, for example, “she decides to stay in during recess to organize the art supplies in your classroom by color, type, texture, size, and availability.” Another giveaway: “He can explain in detail everything there is to know about different types of stars, but he can’t find the pencil on the floor beneath his feet—even when you point directly to it.”

"  They’re caring, curious, intense, persistent, and sensitive, to name a few characteristics—sometimes in ways that can both please and annoy teachers. "

Now that sounds familiar! I only wish I have the knowledge and know-how to recognize these kids. This also reminds me that while some kids may not do well in your class, they can be very smart in other areas. Subject teachers like me usually don’t get to see that side of the kids. One of my 6th graders boy has learning difficulties and no one expect him to do well in any subject. He is, however, a very organize person when delegating missions and cooperating with other kids. I was totally amazed to see how he managed to pick out the right tables and chairs for my classroom in a very efficient way!
I changed my point of view toward him since then.

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