The Witness

My first entry in this blog was dedicated to her. She was then a fifth-grade girl. She was very opinionated, and still is. She challenges the homework I designed, the classroom rules and basically everything I said about her. Her hostality toward this demanding English teacher is very obvious.

She is an opinion leader and with her amazing people skill, she has never failed to initiate SOMETHING in the 6 graders. Her poor academic performance doesn’t stop her from being the VIP in the class.

Part of me have seen a future legislator and another part of me worry for her poor dedication to the study.

She is about to graduate in another 2 month. I’ve noticed her change in my first semester back from Australia. She’s more willing to COOPERATE, more open to the try-error process. And she even shared her weekend activities with me yesterday. This is our conversation.

She: 老師,你教我們的那首歌我回家有找mp3也! 我有找到哦! 我就一直聽一直聽不知不覺就聽到100多遍了!!

I: 哇,那好棒,你很喜歡那首歌哦?

She: 對啊,我真的很喜歡,我還有抄歌詞下來!!

I guess that’s probably one of the greatest reward for teachers. To motivate a kid and showing them the possibilities of learning. To witness the process of DISCOVERING and UPGRADING.

Music travels furthur than we expected, isn’t it?

I kind of like that idea.

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