They said a change is as good as a holiday

I havn’t heard of a single teacher said that they enjoy teaching 6 graders’
English. The students are in their pre-teen and they can’t wait to step out of
the campus. With limited time and the challenging classroom management, teachers who
have this HONOR to spend the last year with these graduates often found the
greatest reward is to see them off the campus in the early June.

I often reflect how I was brought up as an English learner during the process
of teaching. To learn a foriegn language well does not only requires a little
bit linguistic gift but also a lot of positive FUELS. The right learning
attitude, the right learning atmosphere and the right kind of persistance.

No matter how annoying these kids are, I’d like to leave my students some GOOD
MEMORIES about the English class before they leave school. Usually I don’t share
much about my personal life with them but I guess talking gossip is everybody’s
nature! And imagine how their faces light up when I share my boxes with the ring
I got from W!

Yes, I was engaged. The 9 boxes with the ring inside were from W and it took
me a while to open every single one of them. I figure it would be great to
practice the dialogue like this- "How many ….are there? There are ……". And
it does work!

You basically don’t need any Chinese during the process of opening the box.
Some daily English can be reviewed here like:

The box is very heavy.( I let one of the kid to weight the box before I start

Open the box, please. (Remind them to say PLEASE. Most of them
like to ORDER you to open the box.)

Guess what’s inside the box?

Maybe there is another box.

Where did the ring go?

It’s on your finger. (Kids tend to use "hand" instead of "finger" in this
situation. Remind them the differences)

Kids got very excited when they knew the boxes are for real than just some
props. I even show them the little notes from W in the box.

To the girl in my life.

Some smart kids immediately questioned me if it is appropriate to use GIRL to
refer somebody like me. It is a great opportunity to tell them the when and why
to use GIRL to refer an adult female. They would remember that for sure.

After the BOXES demonstration, I hand out the lyrics of BIG BIG WORLD by
Emilia and we enjoy the music together. With only a little bit of hint, they
would almost immediately immerse themselves to the scenario of the coming

I saw some eyes with tears after the singing, both girls and boys.

I remember the soundtrack was on the market some 7 years ago when I was a
copywriter in a radio station. With Sue’s brilliant idea and her
wonderful link sharing, I got home and dig out this soundtrack by Emilia. Youtube
also have some different versions of this song, Emilia is still top the best of
all of them.

Music does make everyone happy!



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