A drill that works and fun!!

3年級正在教Do you have a …./Yes, I do./No, I don’t.
1. T: Do you have a pencil case?
S: Yes, I do. 
Ask them to raise the target objects when they answer the question. Do the conversation several times as a class, a group or individual.
You can also nominate several special objects that kids don’t have access to, ex. mobile phone, necklace, remote control…

T: Do you have a microphone?

S: No, I don’t.

I have my bags with me and start to walk around the groups. Asking objects from individual student and put them into the bags I carry.
T: (To Mary) Do you have an eraser?
S: Yes, I do.
T: Can I have it please? Thank you!

Kids usually find it amusing when you take away their stuff and put them in your bag. THEY ACTUALLY FOUND IT’S FUNNY?!
After you’ve DONE THE COLLECTION, display the bags on the blackboard. They have to use the target sentence to guess what’s inside of bag 1 or bag 2.
Here’s the excerpt from our conversation-
S: Bag 1. Do you have a pencil case?
T: HMMMM…Do I have a pencil case in bag 1? Let me see.Yes, I do. (Return the collections to the kids)

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