A conversation with the student

What makes this person a better language learner than the other? Is it simply a matter of linguistic practice? Or is there something else?

I have a conversation today with one of a girl in my 6 graders class. The conversation kind of relates to the seminar I just attended in the weekend. That Asian students have higher anxiety in learning L2 should be taken into consideration in teaching, too. Here’s my conversation with M.

T: (seeing M wearing shorts only in the freezing Monday) Aren’t you cold? (with freezing gesture)
S: (looking bewildered) 不會冷啊!

Now she apparently understand my question through the body language, but she still claims that she doesn’t know a word I’m talking about. While we are so passionately practice TPR, the communicative approach and various drills, kids don’t always open the door for that kind of input.

We assume kids would automatically pay attention to the Q we give. We assume it takes time to master the language. However, before the input can be plug in, maybe we need to start from setting up the switch?

Just started to use slideshare, take a look at my open house presentation🙂

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