Some notes from the seminar-day 1

Just happened to have a few days off from the cranky 6 graders kids, I attend a seminar in applied English teaching. The 3-days workshop starts from today and I’d like to record my observation.

Presentation is a form of art. It’s not necessarily a matter of speaking nor solely a process of sharing. While most of the sessions I attend today are thesis presentation, limited new information are offered. If I have learned anything today, that would be the DOs and Don’ts in presenting your ideas.

Do states how your research findings illuminate current situation at the very beginning.

Do apply multimedia in presentation, espeically when it is part of your research. Seeing is believing. Images are always more convincing and they tend to speak for themselves most of the time. They are usually a plus and a break from the speakers’ mono tune.

Do use eye contact and professional voices and gestures. A speaker today behaves very GIRLISH on the stage. She has that teenage voice and the same teenage body language. CUTE is definately not a plus here.

Don’t use "I just" to start a sentence. I strongly suspects that it is the perfect example of the interferance between mother-tongue and foreign language. In Chinese, we often start the sentence with "我就…" "我只是要…". Could it be the case here? I just ….=我只是要.

While this maybe the common speech in Mandarine, it tends to deferiorate the credibility of the research and the speaker. In the meantime, I rarely notice any native speaker start the sentence with "I just" in their presentation. This is something I should bear in mind, too.

The seminar is mostly focus in the higher education English teaching. I checked out the attendance list, there are only three teachers from the elementary level.I can only say I’m one of the very lucky ones.

Teachers, should always be encouraged to THINK out of the circle.

An interesting news catch my eyes today…

This is probably not a big story but somehow it caught the eyes of the foreign media. A student from one the top uni in Taipei organized an association to honour Adolf Hilter. While cultures may vary in different countries, massacar is certainly not something acceptable in any democratic country.

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