The incentives in the English classroom

I can’t say I agree with rewarding kids with lollies. One is for the money
you are going to put in to, another is for the health concern. I mean you can’t
buy lollies from the Ten Dollar shop, can you? I’m not saying that rewarding
kids with lollies is an absolute sin, but there should be some other incentives
we can come up with.

Collecting COOL CARDS is one of my hubby. They are free, pretty and most of
them reflect local cultures. I love collecting them and snail mailing them to my
friends and families. They love it.

I started to give out the cool cards I collected in Australia as incentives
for my 6 graders kids.

These beautifully-made cards are overwhelmingly popular. Kids started to have
their own collection from my collection. They want to see what other have and
they want to know what’s written on the cards.

Personally I think giving out cards, which are things from your personal life, is
much more valuable than lollies. Well, one thing to keep in mind is, CAREFULLY
SELECT the cards you are going to give out. You don’t want the parents to blame
you for dispersing adult-only information to kids!

Cards like the ones in the right side ARE definately not appropriate for kids! I
Keep them for MY own collection only!!

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