English? Globish?

J is W’s best mate in the office. He came from Hong Kong when he was young. He and his Japanese wife have a teenage son. I asked Wayne once how do the couple communicate with each other? Since neither of them speak each other’s language, English is the only option. The son, however, is an English native speaker.

I found it is very interesting how English plays the role between non-native speakers from different language background. There’s an interesting article in the Arab News about how English is transformed as Globish in this era of international communication.

It is an article coming from an English native speakers’ point of view. It acknowledges the reality of doing business and other cultural and economics exchanges with non native speakers. Globish maybe an ugly form of English, but it somehow bridges people from different backgrounds.

Globish is a term coined to describe global English. It’s English, but not as we[the English native speakers] know it.

…what sets Globish apart from English is that Globish speakers can
communicate easily with one another but stand baffled when confronted
with fluent English speakers.

Globish has a vocabulary of just 1,500 words — compared to 615,000 in the Oxford English Dictionary.

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