Housekeeping of the English classroom #1—-Need your advice…

To gradually adjust myself from vacation mode to working mode, I’ve started a few warm-ups. The study of phonics will still be my main focus, which I really think that there are still a lot of missing links in the current phonics teaching in Taiwan. It would be of a great value to do the research of how to conduct phonics teaching in an EFL environment such as Taiwan. Other than the reading, organizing a feasible housekeeping of the English classroom is also one of my concerns.

This is something I’d love to hear from teachers:

I have a subject classroom but I really hate the graffiti kids did on the table. I really hate it to the guts!! I’ve tried to be reason with them, no good. Those graffiti were erased then came back….ahhhhhh……..For some reason this has always upsets me greatly.

Anybody facing the same problem? How do you deal with it? Or maybe I should just let it go? I really think this is a good chance to teach them to respect the public property, but it doesn’t seem like my handling of this subject works!!



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