Bubbles and Squeeks

I read an interesting article in The Australian today. It is about food. About how "our food likes and dislikes are rooted in prehistory, infancy and the psyche". It has an interesting description of why kids hate the scrambled eggs for its "slimy, lumpy texture". I still remember how I hate my mom’s tomato scrambled eggs for the same reason. Wayne said his mum and dad made different kids of scrambled eggs. Mum’s is always wet, slippery, watery…while Dad’s is rather dry and "edible". He still prefers Dad’s cooking and I’ve heard numerous shocking stories about her mom’s cooking. Well, I’ll probably disclose them someday…hehehe.
Anyway, I ask Wayne about his favourite dish when he was a little boy. He said "bubbles and squeeks". The dish is actually pooling everyone’s leftover together and steams or stir tries the whole "LOT" together…then…there’s another "new" dish.
Sounds like our "鼎邊挫".:-)

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