Princess to write first Royal blog about English

I have the chance to meet many int’l students from Thai since I started the study here. Norp is one of the my closest friend. Together we share the receipes of scones and carrot cake, travel to Melbourne together and most of all, enjoy each other’s company.

I learned a lot of Thai culture from her, which is probably why the recent coup in Thai brought my attention. I felt like somehow that hot and elephant-rich country is connected with me. On the first morning after the military took over the country, I went to Norp’s place and ask her how she feel about that.

Later I learned that it is nothing new for the military to stage coups in Thailand. 18 times in the Thai history. Lucily, this time is a BLOODLESS one. The process to peace and democracy is still going forward. I can see there are actually a lot of similarities between Thailand and Taiwan in respect to the process of searching for national stability and democracy.

Norp also told me a little bit about the royal family in Thai. That’s why I found the news of Thai princess is rather interesting. She’s going to start a blog disussing Her Royal Highness’ views about the teaching and learning of English in Thailand. Her Royal Highness intends to develop a forum to adress long-term language-education needs in Thailand.

"Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn will contribute the first Royal blog on a British Council website. "

Well, I’m looking forward to read her blog and see how the English education goes in Thailand. I wish the country will finally find the right pace toward democracy.

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