messy teacher need to refresh her desk!

I came across this article from my google subscription. Well, it’s an old topic, but my messy habit is an old one, too. So I guess I wouldn’t hurt to read. I found some of them are quite useful and intend to REFRESH my messy desk from TODAY!  

This article remind me my classroom desk, piled up with papers, workbooks, worksheets, notice from school administration….and everything you can think of…..Yes, I definately need to follow some REVIEW RITUALS.
The following is some helpful hints to organize the messy teacher’s desk!
  • Do the Review
    The most important part of the system is setting up reviews for you to process your Inbox and organize your files:

    • Daily
      Process your Inbox as often as you like throughout the day, but do it at least twice a day: once around noon and again at day’s end. You must empty it at the end of the day, so that your inbox is nice and fresh in the morning.

    • Weekly
      At the end of the week, move completed projects into your filing cabinet. Go through your Incubate tray and decide if you’re ready to act on any of the files, following the steps you would to process your Inbox. Take items in your recycling bin to the main recycling bin in the office.

    • Monthly
      At the end of the month, go through your filing cabinet and prune any files you don’t think you’ll ever need again.

  • Keep blank file folders/label marker at your desk

  • The reason while you don’t file is because it’s so tedious to find folders and label them. With a stack of blank folders and label maker within reach, you have no excuse.

  • Ritualize your reviews

  • Eat away from your desk

  • Eating at your desk encourages trash like paper bags, cups, and utensils to stick around your desk. I’ve been guilty of this and have the crumbs in my keyboard to prove it. To prevent this, eat somewhere else. Preferably, out of the office. Doing this also allows you a mental break from work where you can enjoy your meal without phone or computer interruptions.


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