with the LOT

2 hamburgers with the lot
Wayne: I want one burger with the lot.
Annie: huh? with the WHAT?
Wayne: with the LOT!
Annie: L-O-T?
Wayne: yes, just tell him we want burgers with the lot.
Annie: meaning what?
Wayne:Just tell him that
有點狐疑的我,(有時不太相信韋恩說的話,澳洲人的sense of humour有時很奇怪)小心翼翼的對廣東老闆說- Can I have two burgers with the lot?
Hmmm. He understands me.
再仔細瞧瞧menu,果然在burger那一欄的最下方寫著with the lot,表示with everything including onion, pineapple,ham…etc.
Hmmm, interesting, I’ve never heard of that before.

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