Lessons I learned in Melbourne-1

Before I left for AU., some friends have raised their questions in regards to discrimination in Australia.
I havn’t experience the discrimination myself. And honestly I think discrimination exists in every country, even in Taiwan.
However, I do think that people should fight for their rights and dignities even when it seems futile at that time. Discrimination comes from over generalization and false stereotyping. If everyone of us raise our voices and make noises in the right timing, we are making history in a positive way.
During the trip in Melbourne. Noporate, a girl from Thai, and I discussed a lot of our culture and our observation of the OZ culture. The stereotypes of Asian being "submissive", "quiet" and "reluctant to share and contribute" are unfortunately still exist.
Apart from the incident that the tour bus left without us, I also found that the discrimination can come in many forms. Whether it is deliberately ignorance or simply indifferent, everyone of us should stand up and speak up for our rights.
We, too, bear the obligation of stopping discrimination. Only when we start to make the noises then the stereotypes can be discussed and the civilization can be improved bit by bit.

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