For the first time in my life, I wish I don’t understand Chinese

I always think that it is a gift for us to learn and use Chinese as our mother tongue.
However, a small incident happened in front of a grocery last night makes me wonder if it is better to have hearing loss or simpy can’t understand Chinese.
Wayne and I went to Eastwood, a Chinese neighborhood, to get a Chinese newpaper that come with cheap skiing package. So we stopped by a grocery store and tried to figure out which paper to buy. I’ve never seen the Chinese newspaper here, and it actually seems very exotic to me. Takes me a while to get used to the layout.
Anyway, I opened the newspaper and want to check if it has the page with traveling deals. We stood there for 1 minutes top…and there came a Chinese middle-aged lady look at me in the eye and saying:
I was stunned. I tried to explain that we intend to buy and we were just checking if this come with the info we need. And that lady has gone….And I was stupid enough to speak English with her!
I was furious, but wayne was still trying to figure out  what happened. He asked me what the lady said. I can’t helped but saying f***ing Chinese at the end.
I don’t think I’ll ever encounter such things in Taiwan. Well, maybe there is a small chance, but I havn’t had that experience in Taiwan anyway. And this experience left me really really bad image toward the Chinese.
Wayne is also a little stunned by the words that lady said,"but….well, that’s probably one of the reason why those private grocery stores can’t compete with big chain stores. Some of them simply aren’t friendly at all."


  1. 看了你这篇日志,心情很复杂。

  2. 是啊,我也只能用"體諒"的心情來看這位小姐.雖然來這裏5個月了,很多時候腦筋還是以台灣方式運轉,只希望這件事不是自己太大驚小怪,而只是個案而已.而且,事後想想…這件事也有點好笑…韋恩說我 "You carried the whole world on your shoulder."大概是我們常處在被恐嚇威脅的狀態下,那種心情是很難言語的.不過,當然我知道不是所有的中國人都如此,我就認識一個不是這樣的女生:-)

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