The notes from PHONICS HANDBOOK-2

10 processures of teaching phonics
1. Start from 3 letter words: CVC
2.learn to read simple wors with consonant blends
3. learn to read one syllable CVC words with long vowel sound pattern ex.mate, hope, cute. A.K.A. the "silent e" pattern
4. learn to read r- and l- affected vowels in one syllable words ex. cart, form, wall
5. learn to read one syllable words with vowel digraphs. ex. beat, dew, down
6. learn to read simple compound words, ex. words created by joining with existing words. eg. upon, nightfall, raincoat
7. learn to break long words into syllables by learning the 6 main syllable patterns.
ex. rab/bit, cam/el, o/pen, ra/der, bub/ble, car/bine
8. learn to read latin words with prefixes and suffixes. ex. re-in-car-na-tion
9. learn to read words from Greek
Students should learn the 300 or so sightwords along the way.
The initial focus should be achieving invented spelling where the writing is readable. Then move on to the correct spelling as the long term goal.

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