Notes from Phonics handbook-1

This is the note from <Phonics handbook>. Please note that the book is not designed to teach EFL students. However, there are some phonics background knowledge that help TEFL teachers to equip themselves in concept clarification and theoretical consideration when applying in teaching.
There are 4 parts in Phonics handbook
part 1: Assessment and reporting strategies
part 2: Teaching strategies
part 3: Lesson plans to teach basic decoding skills
part 4: Appendices: sight words and decoding charts
Part 1 has a breif introduction of the Phonics background and purpose. Again, it emphasize that all teaching of reading should be cognitive. Thus, this is not a book about endless drills in phonics. Its aim is to equip students asap to start reading.
Also, the book pinpoint the importance of understanding the history of English. The reason of why English writing is the way it is. According to the book, there are 3 layers of spelling patterns in English writing:
1. Anglo-Saxon as the base
2. Latin word
3. Words Borrowed from French and Greek
All three patterns of English writing has their own rules for decoding, which explains why the phonics rules can’t apply to all English words.

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