ACT OUT心得-2 Segmentation

1. Segmentation The golden rules of doing play with kids is segmentation. Always ask them to do a little piece of job a time. After go through the scripts of the play, I’ll ask them to assign scripts within each group. It would take them about 2 min. to finish the task.
2. Interrupt and check their status. Announce the tally system of the play. I’ll show them the poster printed six criterias of "Good performance". Then explain the importance of each item. ASK THEM TO START PRACTICING LINES NOW. Give them about 5-8 min. to complete the task.
3. In the mean time, it’s very important to walk around, listen to the kids talking and cooperating with each other. Praise and remind individuals.
4. Before kicking off the performance, interrupt them again if there’s still time. Discuss the things u heard or questions kids prompted privately during the line practicing time. This would once again remind them things u’d like them to take notice of.
5. Finally the SHOW TIME!! Sometimes a small props can bring more attention and laughter into the class. I have an "ACTION BOARD" for kids to promt "time for performance". They love saying the word "Action!" Even kids don’t know much English willing to learn the word and give it a try.
It’s amazing how kids can come up with if you give them a chance to show off. It helps them to organize, cooperate and present themselves. Most of the time I find another face of kids during these presentation.
It’s really an entertainment for all of us.:-) 

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