One of those days….moody ones

Yes, it’s a day started with bad beginning.
One of my collegue, a music subject teacher asked me if I know L, the 5 th graders little girl. I said yes, what? She said that L complained about me didn’t pick out the mistakes in her math exercise book.She said, I quote "Why can Teacher Annie run the after class program?"
I was hurted and shocked, I thought I’ve done more than I was paid for in the after class program. I ask kids to read Children’s newspaper, write journals, give them extra English tutoring, bought the cute little notebook for them, and ….that little monster actually questioned my qualification of running the after class program???
So I asked L to bring in her math exercise book, and it turnes out that she forgot to let me check again after I told her to redo the exercise!! And she blames me for that…ahhhhhhh
This is the delimma of being a teacher, except fighting for your professional reputation and dignity, you have to see things as an educator. I told her if she ever has a problem against anyone in the future, she should always comfront to the person instead of beating around the bush, it’s not the right way to solve the problem. It’s easy and quick to criticize, but it’s better to think before you speak up. And it’s better for her to do a little more, talk a little less.
Ahhhhh, I really hate this!

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